A multidimensional personality Dr. Indrajeet Singh was born in famous Sisodia landlard family of Akaltara in the year 1906. His childhood was spent in Akaltara. He has completed his primary education in Akaltara and middle from Govt. Higher Secondary School Bilaspur. Intermediate was done from Irwin Christian College Allahabad and did his graduation from Kolkata College in the year 1934. While living in Kolkata he achieved ‘A’ grade certificate in Bangla, Sanskrit and Latin from Kolkata University. He attained M.A. Economics in the year 1936 and L.L.B. in the year 1939 from Lucknow University. Mean while he came in contact with Dr. Radhakamal Mukherjee and D. N. Majumdar who were famous Economist of their time. He received his Ph.D. from Lucknow University in 1943 on the topic ‘THE GOND AND & GONDWANA’ under their guidance. .

Late Dr. Indrajeet Singh was popular as ‘Lal Sahib’ in the whole area. He was not only from Chhatisgarh but also from the Madhya Pradesh, the first person to have achieved Ph.D. degree from Lucknow University. He was very soft spoken, foresighted, eminent learned personality. His book ‘The Gondwana & the Gonds’ was published which brought the attention of Indians first time towards Gonds of Bastar. The Royal Society of London awarded fellowship to him in Economics. Birla and Mafatlal group appointed him as financial advisor due to his talent. He was the Chairperson of SBR College (now it is J.P.Verma College) Bilaspur.

He believed in co-operative and hence was the director of Central Co-operative Bank, Bilaspur throughout his life. Under his promising guidance, the Akaltara branch for the same Bank was opened. Due to his dedication towards judgment, the Government honored him with the power of second class honorary Magistrate.

He had been to England and other European countries during 1947-1948 and brought home immense experience. The Madhya Pradesh Government nominated you as a member of Agricultural Policy Maker Committee under the President ship of renowned Agricultural Scientist Dr. Khankhoje in the year 1949.

He was fond of mentioning his routine in his diary. He used to pour out his emotions in the diary. We find a reflection of Akaltara, Bilaspur and India’s Political, Social and Economical conditions of that time. He possessed multidimensional personality. He was a famous player of Football , Tennis and Volleyball. He was a true son of land of Chhatisgarh. His health declined due to his busy life and finally his soul departed to heavenly abode in January 1952.

State Government of Chhatisgarh has honored Akaltara by christening this govt. college after his name. The college fraternity and family bows and salutes to this great personality.